Purslane is committed to taking the sustainable path in a largely eco-hazardous industry.  We consistently implement new methods of reducing waste, attend workshops highlighting eco friendly practices, and form partnerships with businesses that help companies in the food and events industry decrease our global footprints.


Embracing local products

It has been estimated that the average American meal travels about 1,500 miles to get from farm to plate!

  • Purslane uses sustainable, organic, pesticide-free and antibiotic-free ingredients and products from farms in upstate New York, Long Island, New Jersey, and urban farms right here in New York City.
  • We source our wines from vineyards that practice organic and sustainable farming, and suggest sourcing beer, spirits, and specialty beverages from local vendors.  In fact, we partner with Brooklyn-based Threes Brewing - beers can't get any more local (or delicious)!


The average wedding produces 400-600lbs of garbage!

  • Purslane reduces our impact by utilizing reusable service wares when possible and compostable products when applicable.
  • We are committed to composting and recycling both in our own venues and off-site
  • We avoid plastic water bottles (in favor of good old New York City tap)
  • We use strict food measuring, inventorying, and storing techniques to avoid food waste.


Purslane is committed to supporting our local neighborhoods and communities

  • Purslane reduces food waste and supports the community by partnering with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, an organization that is dedicated to helping the hungry by rescuing leftovers and donating that food to local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and elderly care centers.
  • We also support ChiPS - the Park-Slope based soup kitchen and homeless shelter, and The Youth Farm - an education-based production farm in Brooklyn that offers hands-on farm training and leadership opportunities for youth and adults.
  • We've signed the "Clean Greenpoint Pledge". Our production kitchen and event venue, Franklin + Kent, is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - the pledge is a voluntary agreement that recognizes our commitment to keeping our community clean and our business efficient and sustainable.
  • All of our facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy.